EP 25: 60 Day Final, Life Trailer, and Frosty The Snowman!


It’s Episode Twenty-Five of The Mockers Podcast and only Andy was able to make it out to see Dr. Strange this weekend (10:00) It’s closing time for the civilians at the Clark County Jail (11:00) Three full hours of ’90 Day Fiance’ is dissected (16:00) It takes a while for the boys to figure out exactly what The Trailer of the Week feature ‘Life’ is all about (28:00) The World Series is wrapped up and some NFL games are picked both correctly and incorrectly (32:00) The Mockers Song Vault is once again opened and this time it’s a haunting version of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ that you won’t soon forget (38:00) Thanks for listening and check out all the great podcasts that are part of the Electronic Media Collective