96 – Dump of News!


This week Fellow Poopers we load up and roll out a new Poop News Dump just for you! This episode is just like Herpes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Prepare your earholes as Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Shawbag, Beau Becraft and DJ from Just In Time Podcast blast out the irreverent improv about our favorite news stories of the week! We start off talking with DJ about tea bagging in the African American Community and the finer points of tea bag etiquette. Once again we hear about Bill Cosby and the Cosby Currys! Rick Mancrush is back this week with another Hot Ticket Item and we get down with some OPP (Old People Peeves) Are Hipsters the Future of check writing?

Forget being just a Duke, as it turns out Tom Wopat is just a plain ole Hazard! Headline:: An Unarmed Armadillo takes Aim at Armed Man!
Then we hear the harrowing tale of things once lost, when some idiot loses the Frank and the Beans on a fence post! Are you looking for a sugar daddy? We found just the right guy for you in Florida! Then we fondly remember the Growing Pains of Boners. The gang prepare for the attack of the emojis, what new ones will be rolling out soon? Cum to find out there was a New Jersey man who “really” liked The Emoji Movie! Rick Mancrush probes the finer points of pooch pooping & some breaking news with special correspondent Pee-Wee Herman. Some weird news from the Far East that will raise an eyebrow, chicken nuggets in space, jobs normal people can never have, being type casted as the guy who gets his pecker mangled, and some inter species erotica from Florida. All this week, on the Poop Culture podcast!
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