Deet n Bax Save Th’ World

By Deano Peppers

The history of cinema is littered with stoner duos doing good in the world, Cheech & Chong blazed a trail in the 70’s that many others tried to follow. Some like Harold & Kumar and Jay & Silent Bob have worn their allegiance to the “Wacky Backy” on their chest to become cult heroes, others like Wayne & Garth or Bill & Ted, while not being  so blatant with the use of narcotics, owe obvious debts to the genre for their box office success. “Deet & Bax” are latest team hoping to have the ceremonial joint passed to them.

Lovable losers Deet and Bax are trying to make it big in the world of weed. They’re tired of having no money to buy the services of prostitutes, and would quite like a job where they don’t have to shut the door to the toilet while they masturbate. So smelling like shit, piss, weed and hooker vomit they head out to get a job from the local Drug kingpin.

Did I say they were “Lovable”? if nothing about that quick plot synopsis gives you the impression these guys can be described in that manor, then maybe if I tell you that one of the two takes a dump into a bowl and makes the other wear it as a hat will help? Nope? Ok.

This is the thing, it’s less of a stoner comedy and more of a “shit” comedy… and that can be taken a few ways.

There is a certain amount of irony here seeing as I’m writing for a site with “poop” in it’s title but I dont see anything funny in the fecal jokes, Maybe it’s not my level of humour or maybe it’s the fact that the tag team in the title roles have very little chemistry. Jason Mewes plays “Deet” in this movie and he’s no stranger to this type of role, with his Askewniverse gimmick opposite Kevin Smith as the previously mentioned Jay & Silent Bob. In that duo they a dynamic that works for multiple reasons, aside from being scripted, edited & directed, like most comedy duos they also play off each other really well. Put Mewes alongside Craig Michealson’s “Bax” however and there’s nothing, just two guys trying to outdo each other on the poop jokes in overly long semi improvised segments, where nothing is happening.


Story wise I should also point out that the main plot revolves around drug lords “Javier’s” (Weston Cage impressively hamming up a Tony Montana impression)  weed seed being stolen. The title of the movie about them ” saving th’ world” is actually a sub plot that I forgot about, possibly seeing as it seems the director forgot about it as well and for a large chunk of the movie. After an introduction at the start of the film nothing is mentioned about the evil scientist attempting to do something with the seeds to take over the world… or something… to be honest the plot was lost to the poop and wanking jokes.

Maybe I’m getting old and too mature, I’m sure there is a market  for shit centric stoner comedies with an abundance of soft core porn, but it’s not me. If you like that kind of thing, Deet & Bax is available now on Video On Demand all over the interwebs.