Christmas Movies, Top Chef and A Mocker Family Christmas is Unleashed


It’s Episode Thirty of The Mockers Podcast and the boys talk wake etiquette (2:00) Eric went to see ‘Office Christmas Party’ but it was the surprising ‘Christmas Horror Story’ that stole the show (9:00) Andy continues to badger Eric into watching ‘Top Chef’ (22:00) It’s Part Two of The CW Super Hero Crossover Discussion (24:00) Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe star in a new Mummy movie (29:00) More NFL games are picked plus an Army/Navy wrap-up (31:00) Eric’s not happy with his DirectTV technician (36:00) Another original Mockers tune is unvaulted (40:00) Thanks for listening and check out all the other great podcasts that are part of the Electronic Media Collective.