Burning The Wick at Both Ends: #topchef, Pittsburgh Panthers, Injuries and more!


It’s Episode Thirty-Eight of The Mockers Podcast and the boys welcome Jamie HS to the program as they review a special Saturday spent in Broome County (2:00) Eric gets to see his beloved Pitt Panthers take down Jim Boeheim’s Orange (6:00) Both chapters of John Wick were taken in and Andy ate a big tub of popcorn (9:00) Find out what injury limited Eric’s ability to browse at the local comic book shop (12:00) Top Chef winds down while The Challenge heats up on Reality Avenue (16:00) It’s Robert Redford and Nick Nolte vs. emo legends AFI in The Mockumendations as Jamie tries to claim the title of ‘Champ’ (31:00) Indie Corner reviews the work of the multi-talented Aaron Parpart (47:00) Thanks for listening and please enjoy all the great podcasts that make up the Electronic Media Collective!