98 – Breaking News & Breaking Wind


It’s that time of the week Fellow Poopers! This week on the program the throne master generals are here to catch you up on some Poop News you may have missed this week! First off we find out about the fallout from last week’s stunning Kangaroo Court! Was Ben butt-hurt or will he roll with the punches? We get a Keto Diet update and find out how much or more disturbing what the guys have lost. Oh. . . by the way ,Marc and Beau may have pooped out offspring that are now secretly training as ninjas! In the Poop news headlines this week we take a trip into the flatulent and hear about a Dr who developed a new pill! Will it help with foul bowels, and just how foul are your farts? How many times do you think the average person breaks wind in any given day? The answer may shock you! You can now help Poop Culture with a scientific study and just what the hell is a FartBit? Here is a Pro-Tip: If you want FREE pics leave your Airdrop open next time you are on a NYC Subway car! We get some XHamster news, When did you start hating your job? Badass goes blind and who the f*ck is Robert Lee? Did you remember to take your Trumpstone vitamin?