93.5 – Hot Tickets & Poop News


Just like Herpes, Episode 93 is back! There was so much great stuff during and after our talk with Dr. Miami we decided to give you a BONUS episode! Here is part deux of episode 93 where Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Beau Becraft and Shawbag6 uncover a few Hot Ticket Items as well as give you your hot beef injection of news for the week with Poop News! First, we find out what is the PCEU anyways? In Hot Tickets we hear about people who take their time crossing in a parking lot and about the return of the feet draggers! Beau Becraft is all lit up about people in wheelchairs and may have some road rage issues. Rick Mancrush teaches us how to kill them with kindness. Marc James goes off on old people with cellphones! Shawbag6 does not do small talk apparently and it will not be tolerated while in his presence!
Poop News this week brings us a taste of “Herbs Best” Coffee it will really get you “up” in the morning. A Texas man gets trapped in a ATM. Who do you think is the dirtiest scumbag R.Kelly, Cosby, or Chuck Berry? Then we hear the harrowing tale of 1 man and 2 giant balls. Grab a tube of lube and settle in for this one folks! Please visit SMYRX.net for unique t-shirts and gifts! Use the promo code PCEU at the checkout for 15% off your order!