5 Thoughts from last night’s new Batman v. Superman trailer!

So last night, we all got the new Batman v. Superman “Dawn of Justice” trailer revealed to us. Just 5 quick thoughts on the trailer..

1- Mark Zuckerberg cannot be Lex Luther. Is there time left for Zack Snyder re-shoot this thing with another actor? This dude doesn’t hold a candle to Gene Hackman or Kevin Spacey. During the trailer, I literally cringed every time he was on screen. PS- Nice hair.



2- There is a quick glance of dead Zod, and then we get the chance to see Doomsday. Does this mean Zod is Doomsday ala Smallville? Or is Snyder just trying to make us think that and Doomsday is unearthed? Like Bane in the last Batman, I just don’t find this character large enough to match up with the menace from the comics (however, see #3).(Edit- I watched it again and he’s not that small, after 12 watches, he’s growing on me)


3- Is this too early for Doomsday in the series? He demolished the Justice League in the comics, and ultimately killed Superman (he died as well, but they both came back). Every time he dies, he comes back stronger and immune to his past cause of death. With that said, this might be a good thing that Doomsday comes this early on and it might also make him a larger/badder character in the Justice League movies.



4- Ben Affleck is growing on me as Batman. His character appears much more promising than he did as Daredevil, and it doesn’t look nearly as whimsical as that lame character. Did anyone else find his “Batman” voice very annoying though? Bale’s rendition of the voice grew on me, I’m hoping for the same from Affleck.



5- Justice League starting to form on screen looked REALLY good. I’m a DC guy, so seeing the group come together is fantastic! The Flash and Aquaman should also be very cool additions, and having them on screen with the others will be amazing. I’m skeptical of solo Aquaman/Wonder Woman flicks. But if that little get together on screen was any indication, it will be an awesome series.