21 Questions with the folks from the comic book Psychosis

1 – What are you currently up to?  This is the only place to plug your shit!

Psychosis Volume 1 is launched all over the world, through our publishers website outpouringcomics.com (lots of great titles there). We are found on twitter @PsychosisComic1, and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Psychosisthecomic/

Email is psychosisthecomic@gmail.com.

Other than that we are just trekking on with our story and art. I am proud to say Psychosis is now featured in quite a few comic book shops, the two main ones being The Comic Hunter in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (our hometown) and The Secret Stash (Owned by Silent Bob!)!

Other than that, my life is fairly boring.


2 – Comics.  Digital vs physical 

I always prefer the smell of a good physical comic book. I understand Digital makes the creators more in the profit area, but fuck money when it comes to being able to own something kick-ass you can show off.

3 – Are you at all worried about the political landscape? 

I live in Canada, so of COURSE I am. We have the most attractive pot loving Prime Minister we have ever seen, and honestly I am happy with where we seem to be heading.

Down south of our border though, I can’t help but watch with horror as the entire landscape gets changed by either a racist, prejudiced, (possibly incest) re-incarnation of a sacred hairpiece, or run by the woman who couldn’t even remember Bernie being in all of the photo’s with her BEFORE she called him out for not helping…

I support Bernie, even though I do not live there, and honestly only know what information I see posted on Facebook, and the news itself.


4 – If you could work with any comic book talent who would it be and why?

As a writer, this question is not an easy one. I only say this because I have always wondered if I would pick a fellow writer to groom my tools and learn from, or an artist to showcase the stories I know I can tell.

1) If I were to pick a writer, I would pick Mark Millar. I love the way he tells his stories, and I have ALWAYS been a fan of his work. Having interviewed the man once, he was so humble, and I try and treat my business the way he does. With respect (and hopefully someday) lots of fat stacks.

2) If I was choosing an artist, I have always had the utmost of respect for Todd McFarlane. I grew up on Spawn, being the first comic I ever owned, and his grit, dirty art style, and demonic style would fit REALLY well with the thoughts going on in my head!


5 – What kind of car do you drive?

The kind that does not take gas, and is REALLY good for the environment. I do not believe as people we should be killing our planet. And honestly, by that, I mean I can not afford a car, so I walk or bus everywhere. Not by choice, never by choice.

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6 – Have you ever had sex with a male,  female or transgender cosplayer? 

I want to say yes, I want to SO BAD, but truthfully no. I do not WANT to because they cosplay, or even while they wear their cosplay, I just find the idea of being able to step outside of who I am, and be someone else for even a day an exciting, and probably sexual, experience.


7 – What is your stance on the legalization of Marijuana? 

I say go for it! I do not understand how Cigarettes, Alcohol, and SO MANY THINGS that kill people all the time are completely legal, but Pot is illegal because of what it does to people.

I’ve never seen a downside to increasing Cheesie sales, or the local pizza place getting more midnight sales. Honestly, it is your body, and your choice. PLUS, just because it is illegal now, I could still throw a 10$ bill outside of my house, and have 5 dealers show up with a bag.

Just because I no longer partake in it, does not mean I am against it by any means.


8 – Apple,  Android,  or Windows Phone? 

Android, always has been. I just find it suits my needs, and isn’t absolutely asinine in price like Apple.


9 – Marvel or DC comics? 
I will always, ALWAYS be a Marvel Fan-Boy. While I like both immensely, I made my choice when I named my son Logan. I stand by this decision, each and every day!


10 – Xbox or Playstation? 
Xbox only because it is easier to mod. The Playstation is the one I actually play online with though.

11 – Favorite musical band? 
Always has been, Always will be – Our Lady Peace. Good instruments, unique voice, and really passionate music.


12 – Shaved,  natural or trimmed? 
I assume you mean my facial hair, which is Natural. If you were talking anywhere else, I would respond the same.


13 – What’s your take on the Star wars prequels and Lucas’ bitter response to the Force Awakens? 

Lucas lost the right to give his opinion when he sold the rights to his baby. Honestly though, I think the movie was good, it went back to the proper roots, and Lucas had already shat all over the franchise with those damned prequels.

I wish him the best of luck with his crying in a corner because Disney did what he never could, please someone.

14 – The band the Mongrels recorded our theme song in less then 48 hrs.   What issue can Poop Culture expect to appear in some comic panels?

I feel this is quite the personal question. I am not sure I’m comfortable answering what with you being so up front about asking. Don’t you know I am supposed to ask first?


15 – Rate these chicks on a 1-10 scale
Lizzy Hale (Had to google who that even was) – 7
Megan Fox (Looks aren’t all that matters, being a bat-shit crazy bitch loses some respect) – 3
Melissa Mccarthy – Her attitude, her demeanor and her complete confidence in herself would give her a 7, but her HORRIBLE appearance in Ghostbusters, puts her to a 5.
Emma Stone – EASILY one of my celebrity crushes. She has original beauty AND who wouldn’t fantasize about Gwen Stacey? – 9
Kate Hudson – Depends on the one we are talking about. How to lose a guy in 10 days? 6 – Glee? 8 (Hot teacher who can sing?)


16 – what’s your favorite movie of 2016?
Deadpool, No questions, and guaranteed not to change before the end of the year.

17 – comic Battle time:

Erik Larsen vs Todd McFarlane – McFarlane, as stated above, my answer is pretty clear.

John Byrne vs John Romita Jr. – Have to go with Byrne, as though his run on The Incredible Hulk was so short, he still gave me my favorite moment with the wedding.

Steve Ditko vs Jack Kirby – No disrespect intended, but I have to go with Jack Kirby. This was the closest match-up, by far.

George Perez vs Neil Adam’s  – Neil Adam’s


18 – The goto song to seal the deal?
As a younger me – Let’s Get It On

Now Me – Whatever drowns out the sound of my huffing and wheezing.

Future Me – I believe in Miracle’s

19 – Did Steven Avery murder that woman? 
I can honestly say I have yet to watch it. I know, I know, I have SO much more important things on the go with comics, other shows (such as Arrow, Flash, etc) but as someone who is looking from the outside into this story, I would say Yes, Yes he did. This comes from absolutely NO evidence, other than the fact the dude looks like a freaking murderer.


20 – Favorite sports team? 

Growing up around Baseball in the early 90’s I lived in Toronto. The Blue Jays winning their back to back world series was HUGE to Canada as a whole. So I’d have to say the Toronto Blue Jays.


21 – seriously when can we expect that poop culture comic appearance?

I love persistence! Let’s talk about a cameo in a future issue, see what the fans think? We are always adding real life friends, and other fans who have bought to be in the comic.

It is not that far of a stretch.