21 Questions with the creators behind The Bruvs


1- What are you up to? This is your only chance to plug your shit!

TheBruvs.com is the shit we’re up to. Did we mention TheBruvs.com? It’s our online comedy animation webseries about London villains trying to go straight – and failing – that we think is hilarious. Some other people agree. It’s lots of fun to make. It’s called TheBruvs.com by the way. It’s on YouTube and on twitter and facebook too with our films that contain some rude words and violence. Links to all our stuff and the top comedy animation films for grown-ups are all at TheBruvs.com – AND we are just in the process of posting our very latest film called Paint Job…ALL at theBruvs.com

2- The Bruvs can be found on YouTube, why Youtube?

It just seemed the right place to set up on. It’s become our channel for TheBruvs with our 11 films up so far – and more to come. No real deep thought. It was kind of organic. That’s Organic. Not orgasmic…. Although…


3- Are the Bruvs based on any real life characters?

The main characters are brothers Doug and Den Bruv and they’re a mash-up of characters found in Brit dramas and gangster movies. They also have elements of people we see round where we live in East London and Essex. There’s also Chanterelle – and she’s based on some of the ladies in our area. In fact, a lot of people who follow us say they recognise themselves in The Bruvs – or their brothers or a friend. Luckily no-one has hit us yet. Or, sadly, hit on us.


4- Can the brothers see their dicks over their stomach?

They can see each others’ penises over their stomachs if they face each other naked. That’s an old British custom that’s not mentioned in ALL the guidebooks. Of course they like looking at others’ too – like in the episode Gallery. We’ve never really imagined how well endowed they are. Obviously we could have based them on ourselves – and given them enormous todgers. That might not be true. Ours are like penises. Only smaller. In fact, as the creators of TheBruvs.com – sorry that plug just slipped out – bit like a penis. As the creators, we have had our appendages removed so that we are not distracted by their magnificence and can concentrate on making the films for TheBruvs as funny as we possibly can. Given all our other limitations.  (Parts of this answer definitely are not true)


5- Are the brothers circumcised?

If they are, they probably did it themselves – with their teeth. That’s how tough they are. After using a baseball bat to numb the area. Like in Dentist.

6- How long does it take to create an episode?

The writing can be very quick (Yes. There is writing involved. We just make it all look amateur.) Once we have an idea, we knock it about a bit… work out things that would do well as animation. When we have a few scripts ready, we have a recording session to put down the voices. If we need music we commission that from our music gurus. The animation is obviously the most time-consuming part. We are a VERY small set-up, so one film can take 5 or more weeks to animate depending on the difficulty of some of the animation included. Throwing the ball in the episode Wheelchair took for…ever.


7- Do the Bruvs like them shaved, natural, or trimmed?

Obviously they like their coconuts natural. Who’d shave or trim a coconut….Perverts! (Do we need to get out more?) Or is this a question about My Little Pony?


8- Cast these actors in a role for The Bruvs:


Robert Loggia : A grumpy Mafia don trying to do a little business deal with TheBruvs…


Eric Idle : A nun trying to persuade them to give up their lives of crime  for good. But she turns out to be a guy who’s on the run from other bad guys.


Eric Roberts : Another patient at our Dad’s convalescence home (in the episode Wheelchair) who introduces TheBruvs to his hot sister…


John Stamos : A veteran cop who’s been trying to catch out TheBruvs for years…


Melissa Joan Hart : A friend of Chanterelle’s. They go to spray tan sessions together. And get VERY orange.


9- When is the Poop Culture cartoon coming to YouTube?

You realise we make comedy cartoons? We try to make stuff that’s funny. With funny people in it?… : It would be great wouldn’t it? But we take so long making our own films… You’d have to be mighty patient.


10- We see that you guys have a few degrees. Do you feel that they are going to waste as animators?

Yes. We are sorry. We have let our families down. Our schools down. Our higher education down. All education in general. We are sorry.


11- PC or Mac?



12- Cartoon vs. Cartoon

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 9.14.57 AM

Flintstones vs Jetsons – Flintstones – we love dinosaurs. Who doesn’t? TheBruvs are dinosaurs. Grrr…


Simpsons vs American Dad – Simpsons. American Dad is with the authorities… TheBruvs steer clear of them…


South Park vs Family Guy – South Park. Though we quite fancy Meg.


Bugs Bunny vs Mickey Mouse – Bugs. He’s so smart. And he eats carrots – which, kids, is a good thing and one of your 5 vegetable or fruit portions a day!


Spiderman and his Amazing Friends vs The Snorks – We kind of like The Snorks. Is that a bad thing?


13- What’s your favorite EPL team?

We love them all… As we don’t want to offend any football (soccer) fans who follow TheBruvs. We’re not that dumb. Certainly not as dumb as we look.


14- Any plans for a full length Bruvs movie….or are you too lazy?

We’d love it.. BUT with our current manpower you’d see it in around… what year is it now?… erm….  Stardate 4 billion. It would be great to expand the stories as we go. We have in fact recorded the voices for quite a long episode which we might split into parts…But it all takes time. So much time.  We are trying to build the following at the moment, then possibly get TheBruvs to another platform – like Adult Swim… and then, a movie would be great! If we can have as long as The Simpsons Movie took to make. Thank you.


15- Why is the food in Britain so bad?

Do you ever watch Gordon Ramsay shouting at Americans about how bad YOUR food is. Things have moved on a bit here. We don’t all eat gravel these days. It’s pretty good actually… we have McDonalds, KFC, Ben and Jerrys, Starbucks…. Come over! We think you’d love Eels and Mash or Steak and Kidney Pudding or our Fish ‘n Chips!


16- How frequent, or infrequent are your dental visits?

Non-existent. Somewhat like our gentlemen appendages being removed (see earlier answer) we have also had our teeth removed and we only ingest food in liquid form. It saves time and allows us to spend maximum hours through a 24 hour period actually making TheBruvs animations and other hilarious stuff. (This answer might not be true)


17- Have you seen London has Fallen? If so, why did London fall so easily?

Again.. (see Food questions) Yeah right! Perhaps it was because we were still a little tired after saving your behinds when Olympus fell… Gerard Butler is a Brit you know!


18- Trump or Clinton?

Over here To Trump is to Fart. (True). That is about as political as we get.


19- What’s your favorite category on ClipHunter? (Ex. Blondes, Bukkake, Grannies etc)

Poop Culture Self Abuse – they’re very short clips. But there’s literally thousands of hours of it. You are filthy.


20- Digital vs Physical medium…and why?

Probably bits of both. We draw on screens – as well as traditional paper – using techniques from the mists of time. It’s what you’re used to working with, we guess. Every now and then we even play old vinyl records as well. There is no stopping us sometimes.


21- Seriously, when can we expect the Poop Culture to have a cartoon up?

Seriously?… You were being serious? … We’re out of time here now, aren’t we? As said, we’d love it… Guest voices would be a start, right? Some Americans moaning about the food or something…. Type casting!

TheBruvs.com love you Poop Culture! Thanks for having us answer you.


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