21 Questions With Nerd Rock Extraordinaire: Megathruster!

We’re nerds here at at Poop Culture, so when the opportunity came to interview Chris Waffle of Megathruster fame we hopped at the chance.  Chris was a great sport, so without further adieu:


1) What are you currently up to? Plug your shit.
I’m up to my neck in getting ready for my album to drop on 4/26/16!  Check out www.megathruster.com or on twitter at @megathrustergo or on instagram at @megathruster or on tumblr….you get the idea.
Also, we’ll be performing later this year in Chicago at Fump Fest (www.fumpfest.com) and plan a bunch of shows in between and beyond!  We’re making music videos for the album – one stars Real Life Superhero Guardian Shield, and another music video will come out in conjunction with the album for “Other People Playing Minecraft.”
2) Minecraft: Survival mode or exploration mode or Twitch?
Creative mode for sure. Much like when I’m in a dive bar, it’s hard to get anything done when there’s creepers around.
3) Are you primed for the Battletoads remake?

Absolutely! But only as long as they make it impossible to get past level 2!

4) Nerd Rock: Why?

Great question! They say, write what you know and there’s nothing I know more about than being a nerd and trying to rock.  When I was younger, I attempted serious emo rock.  One verse was about seeing the face of a girl on a milk carton.  It was awful.  Let’s just say I’m better off writing about Star Wars and Bruce Campbell.
5) Where is the geographic location of Fuck Mountain?
Somewhere in the heart and loins of everyone.
6) Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Trek on the streets, Star Wars in the sheets.
7) Waffles or Pancakes?
Pancakes. I’m not really a fan of Waffles.
8) Rate these cartoons on a scale of 1-10
GI Joe: 6  due to shoddy animation and COBRA couldn’t shoot a damn thing. They were worse than Stormtroopers!
Transformers: 7 but only because the animated movie killed off characters and had Weird Al.
Smurfs – 3
Gummy Bears – 5 because of a catchy theme song
Duck Tales – 8 great show!
The Real Ghostbusters – 8 I wanted to be a Ghostbuster when I grew up
Masters of the Universe – 9 I learned every life lesson I know from the end of every episode
Thundercats – 7 the voice acting was weird on that show but I liked it
Captain Planet – 2 What a lame super hero. It’s obvious no one can save the environment.
9) Best movie you’ve seen this year?

DEADPOOL! But if I were answering this in a couple of weeks it would be Captain America: Civil War

10) Worst comic book, cartoon, pop culture movie adaptation and why?
Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin is very high up there for me but I think it might be Masters of the Universe. I remember seeing it in the theater opening night and it was so far from what I was hoping for and when Dolph Lungren yelled “I HAVE THE POWER!” everyone in the audience just laughed. It was a sad time for young Chris Waffle.
11) Are you open to an African American He-Man?

Totally! Also, I think it would be great to have a Samoan He-Man. The Rock could pull off Prince Adam.

12) PC or MAC? If MAC why are you so douchy?
I was PC until I moved to the Portland area.  Now I’m MAC. Blame Portland.
13) Pick a band:
Megathdeth vs. Metallica: Megadeth
Adele vs. Ariana Grande: Adele
Led Zeppelin vs. the Black people who wrote their songs:  Black people who wrote their songs
Elvis vs. Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash
Motley Crue vs. Duran Duran:  Motley Crue
14) Do you currently engage in any tabletop RPGs?

It’s hard with my busy schedule to be dedicated to a RPG campaign right now. But I am always down for one-shot RPG play during a game night.

15) Have you ever actually completed the Oregon Trail?
Only once when I played with my wife as a team. The key to winning, much like in real life,  is starting out as the banker and just buying all the supplies with your amassed wealth.
16) Could it be possible that Carmen Sandiego is hiding out in Fuck Mountain?
I’ll tell you when I get there.  My bags are packed, but I’m still on the hunt for a guy much uglier than me.
17) If you could only have one dice for the rest of your life is it six, 10, 12, or 20 sided?
20 Sided!  It could be used in any situation. And if I needed a six sided die I could just say, well 1 through 3 is a one, 4-6 is a two..etc.
18) What level is your World of Warcraft character?
I once had a level 12 Tauren that I decided to play as a businessman who just cared about amassing wealth and being distinguished.  It didn’t work out too well.
19) Xbox or Playstation?
XBOX! I have an Xbox one and a couple of 360s.  But will anything ever surpass the heyday of the PS2? I don’t think so.
20) When do you think you will lose your virginity?

Undoubtedly as soon as this is posted on your site.

21) Why was the Hobbit split into so many movies?
There ya have it! find more on Megathruster at: