110 – PCEU Degenerate Thanksgiving


We are very thankful that you have joined us for episode 110 of The Poop Culture Podcast on the Poop Culture Extended Universe. Rick Mancrush and Marc James are joined by Mike from the Video Rangers Podcast. Brent from Hysteria 51 also joins us they guys and you won’t believe what juicy stories they jerked from one of their recent episodes. We share a virtual cornucopia of stories of their best and worst holiday memories. Hear Thanksgiving tales that involve, angry dogs, huge families you can’t wait to get away from, creepy uncles and fist fights! Plus find out what happens when a Wiffleball bat meets the family pet bird! The members of the PCEU still can’t get over the wonders of the Bidet and as it turns out, Mike’s got nothing. Marc James goes on record that he hates parades! The team figures out that if parades were more like NASCAR it would be so much more entertaining!
Then we all dress like pilgrims as we hold the first PCEU Degenerate Thanksgiving on this week’s installment of The Showdown. Find out what pop culture inspired food, follies and fun we all bring to this year’s celebration.